Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New Year's in Victoria, Part 1

Christmas with Grandma.


Anne, Anthony, and Grandma

Grandma got a present, too!

Dominic and his godfather.

New Year's Eve party.  Cheers!

Picture inside St. Fidelis Basilica after Mass on New Year's Day.

The outdoor Nativity.

Anthony and his godmother.

Off to the Sand Plum Nature Trail that afternoon.

Uncle Chuck pointed out different animal tracks in the snow.

Crossing over one of the bridges.

Hiking through the snow, twin steeples in the background.

At one of the Cross Fit stations, Joseph did a log run.

Anne and Dominic carried logs, too.

Catherine's turn. Anthony, with red cheeks, is in the raccoon hat.

Daddy can't let the kids show him up!

The climbing rope was temporarily turned into a swing.

A very short video of Anthony on the "swing:"

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