Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Last Days of 2014

Anthony and Dominic show off the puzzle the kids and I finished on the day after Christmas.

"Oh, my goodness, this puzzle was full of crazy pieces!"

A great puzzle for Christmas.

That afternoon it was time to try out the new croquet set, given to the kids by Dan's mom.

Dominic was ready to whack that ball.

Anne lined up her shot.

Two days later, Dan's brother and his family came over for Christmas fun.

Fun with cousins.

The girls have so much fun together.

Our little goddaughter.

Kids opened their new Foosball table from their aunt and uncle.

Boys all got lumps of coal (really chocolate, but it was funny).

The next day, Daddy put the Foosball table together.

Learning how to play.

The kids have gotten really good at it (way better than me!).

The next day, Anne went shopping with Daddy, and they stopped at a coffeehouse for a treat.

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