Friday, November 1, 2013

Twenty-Five Years

In the middle of September, we went out to Victoria, KS, for Dan's 25 year high school reunion.  All the classes have their reunions together in the same banquet hall, so there were a lot of people there, with lots of talks and awards given.  It was definitely interesting to get a glimpse of high school Dan, especially when his classmates were all too willing to tell me stories!  Nothing revealed on here, heh, heh.

Dan with the half of his class who made it to the reunion.

While we were out on the town, the kids were happy at Grandma's house.  Uncle Chuck even took them down to the playground and wore them out.  While there, he took a bunch of great pictures.  All of which I am shamelessly posting on here.  :)
Twin towers of the "Cathedral of the Plains" neatly outlined in the background.

Looks like Joseph conquered the monkey bars.

Giant tree to climb!

Looking for hands to match.

Happy kids.







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