Thursday, November 14, 2013

Trip to Branson, Day Two

On our second day in Branson, we went to Silver Dollar City.  The kids had been talking about SDC ever since we went there last year, so they were super excited.

The girls on the tram to get to the entrance.  Dom and Joseph got to sit up by the driver.

Mommy and the kids ready to go in.

Finally here!

Observing the blacksmith at work.

Candy makers!

Kids in jail.

Ready to shoot the targets in the Flooded Mine.

All aboard the train!

Everyone enjoyed the train ride.

Look at those smiles after the first roller coaster ride.

Let's go again with Daddy!

Anthony and Mommy on the littlest roller coaster.

A break for lunch.

Going down the American Plunge.

Daddy and the four big kids got wet.

There they go.

Daddy and Anthony went by themselves.  Anthony loved it.

Powderkeg, the roller coaster that starts by blasting you off from 0 to 53 mph in 2.8 seconds with a compressed air launch.  It was nuts.  I rode with Catherine, Dominic, and Joseph.

On the Lost River of the Ozarks.

Into the tunnel they go!

We went to the newest roller coaster, called Outlaw Run.  It is the second fastest wooden roller coaster in the world, reaching top speeds of 68 miles per hour.  This happens, of course, on the first big drop, which plunges 162 feet at 81 degrees.  It is also the only wooden coaster to go upside down more than once, which happens in a double barrel roll near the end of the ride.  Do I sound like I know a lot about it?  Well, I rode the crazy thing!  It was all Dominic could talk about, once we found out he was tall enough to ride.  So he and Catherine and I rode.  On the way up the long hill pictured below, I thought, what am I doing on here?!  Luckily the whole thing went so fast, it was over before we knew it. 
The first drop is much longer than this hill goes up, due to the natural terrain of the Ozark Mountains.

Dominic and Catherine immediately wanted to ride it again, but I was slightly dizzy from the ride, so they got Dan to go with them.  I think he was convinced when he saw some elderly people getting off the ride.  You'll have to ask him if he thought it was fun.  :)  I'm not sure if I would call it fun, but it was quite exhilarating!
Proof that Dan rode on Outlaw Run!

After Silver Dollar City, everyone was tired, so we went back to the hotel to relax.  I made dinner in our little kitchen and then in the evening we went swimming again.  What a fun day!

Day Three to come!

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