Thursday, November 21, 2013

Trip to Branson, Day Four

On our fourth and last full day in Branson, we went back to Silver Dollar City for the day.  We had buy one day, get one day free tickets, and we were able to use them two days later. 
Ready for some more fun!

We went right in to the ticket takers.

Playing in the giant tree houses.

Anthony had a blast.

We went to the homestead area, where the kids got to pet the goats.

Anthony loved the goats.

We stopped for a while and watched a man making boards out of a tree trunk with an axe.

Anthony and I waited while the rest of them went on the Lost River.  I took this picture and then looked up and they were going by.

The river explorers.

The mother of all play structures!

There was water to shoot at things.

Up inside the play structure, there were lots of balls everywhere and you could shoot them from several different levels.

Ready, aim, fire!

We were up really high!  Anne is down below in pink.

At the bottom there were contraptions to get the balls up and delivered all over.  The kids loved sending the balls up.

Go Anne!

Everyone also got to ride their favorite ride, which for the oldest four, meant roller coasters, which meant mostly me riding with them.  I certainly got my fill of roller coasters for a while.  After SDC, we went back to the hotel, ate dinner, then went to the pool for our last evening.  On Saturday, we packed up and left Branson.  What a fun trip!

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