Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fun Day in Victoria

On Sunday afternoon of our trip to Victoria in September, we went out to the Sand Plum Nature Trail. 
Walking down the trail.

Anthony did not have a walking stick, but a whacking stick.

Up the stairs!

Going down to the creek bed.

Of course, then they had to try to climb the other wall, which was almost vertical.

Look how far down they are!

A break to climb a tree.

A large fallen tree was irresistible.

Chunks of logs that have been weighed stand ready for the cross country team to train with.

Back at Grandma's house, we found Dan's niece, April, with her two boys, Michael and Kayden.  Kayden is in remission from cancer of the liver (hooray!!).  This was the first time we'd seen him since his treatment was completed.  He is about 6 months younger than Anthony.
Dan holding Kayden, while we all had a snack.

Grandma and the girls.

All the boys.

April and Grandma.

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