Tuesday, November 26, 2013

October Zoo Visit

In the first half of October, we went to the zoo for a field trip. 
Checking out the flamingos.

Posing at the orangutan statue.

Seeing the real thing!

Lunch time.

Stopping to look at the zebras.

And we saw the 3 week old baby zebra!  The kids loved that.

Looking at the sleepy young lion.

This lion was not so sleepy!

Taking a break.

Yay, our friends are here!

Climbing time.

Anthony loved the little lion.

A favorite spot for kids.

The girls with Mr. Ape.

The kids piled onto the tiger statue.

Looking at the blind cave fish in the jungle.

A picture I've never taken before - one of the vampire bats!

My lovely friend and one of her daughters.


The king cobra was raising its head!  Never seen that before.

This yellow anaconda was active as well.  We cannot go to the zoo without seeing the snakes!

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