Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Totus Tuus 2012

This year was the first year that our kids participated in Totus Tuus, a week long day camp at our church.  It was awesome!  Catherine, Dominic, and Anne got to go and they all loved it.  They were sorry when it was over.  It took place a month ago, but I'm behind on posting things, so here it is.

On the Wednesday night of the week, they hosted a potluck dinner, and I took Catherine, Dom, and Anne.  Joseph was sick so Dan and Anthony stayed home with him. After everyone ate, the Totus Tuus teachers got all the kids up there to put on a little performance of songs they had been learning. 
You can see Anne and Catherine slightly right of center in the front and Dominic is further to the right, also in the front.

The twins are singing the "Banana" song in Super Slow Motion Style!

On Friday, the last day of Totus Tuus, Joseph, Anthony, and I headed up to the church early to catch the last of the activities, the water fight.  We arrived to see this:

The kids got to take water guns and boy, were they having fun. 
You can see Catherine in this pic.

Anne got cold (it was a hot day!), so she went to the safe zone, where no water spraying was allowed.

After the water fight, it was time for popsicles.  These were some wet kids!

They had a great week!  They got to go to Mass every day, and learned things about their faith, and made crafts and sang songs.  And they made some new friends.  They can't wait for next year!

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