Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Crazy For Corn

We have harvested over 3/4 of the corn from the garden, which has been hundreds and hundreds of ears of corn.  These pictures were from the first picking right before the fourth of July. 

The kids got to work shucking the corn. 

The corn shucking station, set in the shade.

Anne and Joseph.

Catherine and Dominic.

Once Anthony started shucking corn and discovered that he liked it, you could not have bribed him away until it was done.  He especially liked finding worms at the end of the ears and if they fell out, he would pick them up to check them out.  He was also a corn-eating machine.  One night at dinner he ate four ears of corn!
Catherine and Anne have scrubbed a lot of corn.

Some of our corn that got blanched, cut off the cobs, and put in the freezer.

We had one batch of corn that wasn't as sweet, so Dan grilled the ears you see in the pan.

Then we put on a creamy, flavorful sauce.  Yum!

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