Monday, July 23, 2012

June Garden

We've been so busy with produce from the garden that I haven't taken time to blog much, so I am behind.  Here are some pictures from the garden in June. 

Two brothers in front of some of the corn.

A view of the garden in early June.

Pasta salad I made using the produce at the time.

Peaches from our peach tree.
The peach pie I made using our peaches.  The TT stands for Totus Tuus.  I made the pie on the last day of Totus Tuus and the kids thought that was great!

These were some of our first cucumbers.  We've had many since then (Dan picked a bushel of them yesterday!).  Some we've used to make 26 quarts of dill pickles. 

Peppers and tomatoes. 

Anne shows off some carrots.

Catherine with an armful.  This was later in June and you can see how tall the corn was getting back there.

Anthony loves to help in the garden just like the big kids.
A few of the carrots we've harvested this year.

Dominic checking the green beans.

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