Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Art Camp

About a month ago, Catherine, Dominic, Anne, and Joseph got to participate in an Art Camp at the library.  It was for four days, an hour each day.  The week of their camp focused on Shel Silverstein and I thought they would learn more about how to draw or something, but it was more of "the arts" camp.  The first day they drew pictures, the second day they wrote poems (too advanced for poor Joseph), the third day they made masks for a play, and the fourth day they held the play, in which no one spoke any lines.  Even though it wasn't what I expected, they still enjoyed it, except maybe Joseph, but it was a good experience for him anyway.  These pictures are all from the play at the end of the week.

The sign for the play, called "The Unicorn."
Essentially the story was about Noah and the ark and why there are no unicorns because they didn't make it onto the ark.  Joseph was one of two boys in charge of holding up the grass and then flipping it over to the water side.  You can see he looked thrilled.

 Dominic was a camel.

Anne was an elephant.

All of the animals are on the ark, except the unicorns.

The kids with their friends, who also did art camp.  Anthony was intrigued by all the masks.

We have Monica, the zebra, Trinity, the giraffe, Dominic, the camel, Anne, the elephant, and Catherine, the lion.

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