Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sand Plum Nature Trail

While we were out in Victoria, we got to go check out the nature trail that Dan's brother, Joe, created on the family acreage a little ways out of town. 
The sign at the entrance.

Our family with Grandma.

The kids selected a walking stick.

Joe made many signs designating the different trails.  This one says Woodpecker Trail.

At the North Fork Creek Crossing.

The kids were thrilled to cross the bridge.

Then we hiked up a big hill.

I was surprised at the variety in the terrain.

Dominic and Anne hiking along the trail.

Anthony did pretty well on the hike.

Sometimes he needed a ride.

Catherine loved using her walking stick.

Down by the creek in another area.

Does this look like Kansas?

A stop to climb up a fallen tree.

Back across the bridge.

Headed back to the car.

Dan's brother, Chuck, said we walked about two miles.  We didn't even go on the longest part of it, which went around a very large field.  It is a really great nature trail.  I especially enjoyed the creek area.  It was nice and cool, shady and pleasant on a warm day.  The kids had a great time, too.  No complaining about being hot or tired, so you know they liked it!

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