Wednesday, April 18, 2012

We Are Grateful

This past Saturday was severe weather day.  We had been warned it was going to be severe, so we kept track of the storms passing through Kansas all day.  There were reports of severe tornadoes in various areas.  Then a bad storm developed in Oklahoma and travelled northeast.  As it came closer, they were calling for it to hit Wichita if it stayed on its path.  Then the ominous news:  a large tornado had been sighted.  For a while they were trying to decide if it was 1/2 mile wide or a mile wide!   It was dark by this time, which made the thought of a tornado you may not be able to see even scarier. We began preparing things, taking important items, like flashlights, cell phones, wallets, and keys, down to the basement.  We moved the boys to the couches downstairs.  The girls were already down there.  Then the tornado touched down in the south part of Wichita and showed no signs of slowing down.  The path it was travelling changed a little and it looked to be making a direct line towards our area.  I prepared the basement bathroom with sleeping bags, pillows, our essentials, and then we moved the kids in there.  We started praying the Rosary and waited to see what would happen.  It had been storming and hailing all this time, but then after a while, it got quiet.  Dan's brother called and let us know that it had passed over.  We finished the last of our Rosary and then Dan went up to check things.  The storm had indeed passed, so we moved the kids back to their beds.  The next morning we found that not one thing outside had been damaged.  We have also found that the tornado dissipated about 6 miles SW of our house, after leaving a long trail of destruction.  If it had kept on its course, it would have passed very close to us.  What a scary night!  We are very blessed.

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Kansas Mom said...

So glad you were ok!