Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Lovely Weekend

This past Saturday, visitors began to arrive:

Grandma Brungardt (with Uncle Joe and Uncle Chuck) was the first to arrive.

Followed by Grandma and Grandpa Klingele.

My sister, Beth. and her two youngest, Clara and Isabella, came with my parents.

Dan came up with a new fun ride, much to every child's delight.

Even some of the grown-ups got in on the train ride!  Yup, I'm riding as well.

Dan's mom enjoyed time with the grandkids.

Ice cream cones after dinner!

Catherine and her godmother.

My sister made the cake, and she and I decorated it together.  I did the edging and it wasn't that good, but no one really cared.  It tasted great! 

Here is Catherine, all ready for her big day.

She was very excited at this point! be continued!

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Kansas Mom said...

I've been waiting for the First Communion post! She looks so beautiful!