Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Anthony's "Adventure"

I wanted to write about this, so I wouldn't forget.  So here's the story.

Last Friday morning before school, I was doing a few things in the kitchen, while the girls were reading in the living room and the three boys were playing in Anthony's room.  I finished what I was doing and as I walked into the living room to put something away, I heard a blood-curdling screaming and crying coming from Anthony.  Not the "somebody touched me cry," this one was real.  I rushed into his room to find Anthony sitting on the floor, crying and saying, "Nuh-Nuh." (That's his name for Dominic.)  I picked him up and he was not to be consoled.  I figured out his leg hurt, but it took me a while to get the story of what happened out of the boys. 

Joseph and Anthony were under Anthony's bed, pushing the mattress up with their feet through the slats.  Then Dominic thought it would be fun to jump on the bed and make the mattress go back down, and so he did.  Joseph was fine, but poor little Anthony's leg got hurt by the slats from what I could tell.  All the rest of the day, he would not walk and any time he tried to put weight on his leg, he cried.  When this continued Saturday morning, I took him to an urgent care center to make sure he didn't have a fracture.  Anthony did really well there and even laid still for the x-rays, though he didn't like it.  The x-ray did not show an obvious fracture, but there were a couple of areas of possible concern, so we went home and waited for a call after the radiologist looked at it.  Finally by the late afternoon, I called and found out it was all negative.  Hooray!

Poor Anthony, though, has been hobbling around the last few days, and you can tell his leg hurts him. He tries to run, and falls over.  Yesterday he tried to jump off the couch and that hurt!  It is gradually getting better, however.  It is strange, though, to see a little two year old limping around.   He's been cranky and we've had to carry him around a lot, but we are very happy his leg wasn't broken!  I'm sure he will soon be back to his normal running, jumping little self.

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Kansas Mom said...

I'm so glad his leg wasn't broken! Poor Anthony.