Monday, April 30, 2012

First Communion Party

The First Communion Mass was at 3:00, so afterwards, all of our guests came back to our house for fun and feasting.

The girls!

Dan's brother, Al, grilled chicken, brats, hot dogs, and steak.  Yum!

What are the guys all looking at?

Dan's crazy train ride!

Three pretty girls in a wagon.

Time for the feast!

Originally, the party was to be held on the deck, but there was such a strong north wind that day, that Dan moved it all to the garage.  It worked well.

Catherine with her Aunt Laurie.

Clara and Anne had such fun together despite their age difference (2yo and 6yo).  They both love dolls and Anne is very good with little ones.

Time for cake and mints!  (Yeah, the cords add greatly to the decor, don't they?)

Catherine received some lovely gifts, including this statue of Mary. 

The children gather around to see.

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