Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Clean Soul!

On Monday afternoon, Catherine made her First Confession!  Daddy met us at the church and our whole family was there for this important event.

I'm ready!

Her first confession is done.

Praying her first penance.

A happy girl with a clean soul!

Afterwards we went to celebrate with ice cream.  Even though it was Lent, this was a special occasion. 

Catherine got to open a special First Confession/Communion gift from Grandma Brungardt.

A rosary that once belonged to Catherine's great-grandmother.  Now she'll be able to use it to help prepare for her First Holy Communion.

And a new book from Mommy and Daddy, also to help Catherine prepare for her First Communion.


Kansas Mom said...

Congratulations, Catherine! It's definitely an event worthy of celebration with ice cream, even during Lent. What a beautiful rosary, too! We have one from Rome we bought while there when I was pregnant with First Son (specifically for him). I think he'll be receiving it on the day of his First Communion.

House of Brungardt said...

You must have gone to Rome the same year we did then! Did you go for a certain reason? I guess you didn't get to enjoy all the vino!