Saturday, February 18, 2012

Exploring Our Little Woods

January was unseasonably warm and dry and the kids and I got into the habit of taking a walk almost every day.  Anthony would ride in the wagon and it became a routine to walk down by our two neighbors' houses and turn around and then whoosh down a little hill into our yard close to the pond.  We would then walk along the pond and the dry creek bed to the little woodsy area shared by us and one of our neighbors.  Then we would set off to explore the woods.  Sometimes all the kids came, but more often it was just the boys and I.

Dominic is ready for an adventure.

Anthony still loves the cat.

Joseph, looking for more bones.  We found what we think are cat bones back in the woods.  They now reside in a box on my desk.

The dry creek bed winds back and forth through the whole area. 

Anthony is a fearless jumper, but sometimes he needs a little help getting back out.

Okay, Mommy, I'm ready to be pulled back to the house!

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