Thursday, March 1, 2012

Our Date

On Saturday evening, we dropped the kids off at Dan's brother's house (thanks Al and Brenda!), and went out on a date!
We went to Chester's Chophouse and Wine Bar, somewhere new to us.  It was wonderful, but not cheap.

Neither one of us could remember when exactly we went on a date last.  For sure, we know it was sometime before Anthony, and he is almost two! 

Here we are, looking like newlyweds!

The menu:  Appetizer:  Raw Oysters - Dan
                                      Mussels - Janet
                   Wine:  Merlot for Dan and Pinot Noir for Janet
                   Entree: New York Strip Steak with Lobster Tail - Dan
                                Filet Mignon - Janet
                   Sides:   Brussel Sprout Slaw and Ginger Snow Peas
                   Dessert: Chocolate Bread Pudding and Chester's Irish Coffee - Dan
                                 Creme Brulee Trio - Janet

Wow, what a meal!  It reminded us of some of the meals we ate on our honeymoon in Italy, not necessarily the food, but the attentive service and the leisurely meal.  We never felt rushed and the whole meal lasted over an hour and a half.   It was expensive, just like our honeymoon meals, but we've been waiting a few years for this one!

Not quite the Amalfi Coast, but we'll take it!

A wonderful Anniversary celebration!

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