Friday, February 3, 2012

Winter Zoo Trips

With some unseasonably warm weather for winter, we went to the zoo in both December and January.  It is a lot different at the zoo at that time of year, so it was interesting.  In December, we first went to check out animals from South America and Australia, which were the two continents we either had just studied or were in the midst of studying.

We got to see the wallabys right next to the path in the Australia exhibit.

If you look in the back of the picture, you can see a zookeeper.  She explained to the kids that she was feeding this condor from South America a rabbit.  Then she walked around and picked up the leftover pieces of mice scattered around from the previous meal.  The kids were fascinated.

During our December trip we also met some friends at the zoo.

Anthony and his stroller buddy.

This is always a popular spot for the kids to play.

It was chilly that day.  Even Anthony wanted to keep his little gloves on.

I think our kids were the only ones playing at the playground.  Come to think of it, it felt like we almost had the whole zoo to ourselves.  Kind of nice and worth getting a little chilly!

At the beginning of January, the kids and I went to the zoo again. 
The kids did not even want to wear jackets, the weather was so nice.

Dominic got a close-up view of the penguins.  These penguins aren't from Antarctica (which was our continent of study at the time), but we didn't mind.

Anthony was fascinated by the snakes, so we had to look at every single one.  This one was slithering around, which got him really excited.

When we got to the grizzly bears, the zookeeper had just thrown in a bucketful of fruits and vegetables to eat.  We stopped and watched until they ate it all up.  Of course, the kids got hungry watching them!

Is it just me, or is that tiger eyeing Anthony a little too closely? 


Kansas Mom said...

Those tigers always freak me out a little. I think they'd eat my kids in a heartbeat. But they're very cool.

If we'd made it on our nature walk last week, we were going to the zoo this week. Instead, we stayed home with sick kids two weeks in a row. Hopefully we'll make it on that nature walk next week!

House of Brungardt said...

It is great to see those big tigers up close, but I can't imagine meeting one in the wild!

I hope you guys are all healthy this week!