Thursday, January 26, 2012

Travelling At New Year's

On New Year's Eve, we travelled to my parents' house near Kansas City.  My sister and her family from Texas were also staying there, so we got to spend time with them, too. 

Grandma taught Catherine and my nephew, Andrew, how to play Yahtzee, while Dominic was building with Legos.

Yay.  New clothes.  Just what I wanted. (Boys!)

Two cuties:  Anthony and his cousin, Matthew.

The boys played basketball.  And no, no one got hit with the ball!

Grandpa was ready to block the shot. 
I don't think anyone in the house stayed up until midnight.  :)  The next day, after Mass, we all went over to my other sister's house for a New Year's Day party.  So we got to see everyone except my brother and his family who live in Iowa.

Is Grandpa reading or dozing off?

Patrick, my godson, is 10.

The little kids' table, clockwise from bottom left, Joseph, Isabella, Anne, and Matthew.

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