Thursday, January 12, 2012

Our Christmas Tree

On the third weekend of Advent we put up and decorated our Christmas tree.  The four big kids and I worked on it while Anthony took his nap.  We barely had enough time!

The kids took turns getting on the step stool to put ornaments up higher.

Catherine places an ornament just so.

One of the kids swiped the camera.  I had to delete a lot of pictures but this one of Anne was funny.

Dominic's turn.

My four helpers, proud of their work.

I liked this picture that one of the kids took.

Joseph smiles for the camera.

Oh, Anthony was very excited to see the Christmas tree, and could not keep his hands off of it.  

We ended up with 4 or 5 broken ornaments and many of the rest ended up on the top third of the tree.  Several times I caught him standing on a step he had carried from the bathroom so he could reach higher.

A miracle:  all five of them facing the camera, if not all looking the same way.  You take what you can get!

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