Saturday, January 21, 2012

Christmas Eve Again

So, we left off waiting for Christmas presents.

Anthony, being the youngest, got to go first.  He was thrilled with his new puzzles and spent the next 15 minutes or so oblivious to anything else.

Which left the other kids to open some presents in peace!

Anne loves My Little Ponies.

The twins both got roller skates.

Anthony finally realized that everybody else was opening presents and his inner present-opening monster was revealed.  We had to keep throwing presents at him to open, so the other kids could open theirs. 

Catherine was very excited to get a new watch.

Sit 'n Spin, a blast from the past. 

Our Superhero-loving boy got a Superhero cartoon DVD.  Hooray!

Joseph shows off our family gift:  a microscope set for school.

I actually got to open this one.  It was in a bag, that's why.

Anne and Dominic play with their new toys.

Joseph and his Zoom Copter.

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