Tuesday, January 17, 2012

To Grandmother's House We Go

Although we did not travel in a sleigh, there was lots of snow when we got to Grandma's house a few days before Christmas.  Here we have only had a quarter of an inch, so the kids were extremely excited to see all the snow.

Watch out!  I'm making snowballs!

Anne makes a snow angel.

Dominic after a ride down the hill.

Daddy gives Catherine a big push.

The kids were happily waiting to open some presents.

Dan's mom with Catherine.

Oh, what fun!

Our resident Superhero is thrilled with Spiderman pajamas.

That evening Dan and I took Anthony over to visit with Dan's sister and family.  She is Anthony's godmother. 

I can't let them see I like it, so I'd better just stick my hands in my pockets!

A visit to the outdoor nativity at the church.

Inside St. Fidelis Church.

Anthony checks out the nativity.

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