Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dominic and Anne!

Dominic and Anne turned four over the weekend and we celebrated all day yesterday! When they woke up and we said, "Happy Birthday!" they had the biggest smiles. Of course, Dominic wanted to eat cake for breakfast, but settled for opening a present after breakfast, with Joseph intently watching:A new yo-yo! (He broke the last one a while ago)

Anne was very excited to open a toy diaper bag full of goodies for her babies. As soon as she opened it, she said, "Catherine, we can share this!"

She immediately went into action and put a very large diaper on Pink Baby:

We went to Sunday morning Mass and ate donuts afterwards. When we got back home, the kids all got to watch a movie ("Popeye," chosen by Anne and Dominic, or as they call it, "Pie-Pie"), while I got lunch ready. Then, after lunch, we finally got to eat some birthday cake! Anne had a princess cake and Dominic had a robot cake. So the girls ate Anne's cake and the boys ate Dominic's cake.

Then it was time for more presents:

One more shot of Dom:
This was followed by naps, much playing with new toys, a visit from cousins with a cook-out/corn-on-the-cob party, and of course more birthday cake.
Then, at bedtime, Anne said, "Mommy, will it still be my birthday when I wake up?" I told her no, and disappointed, she said, "My birthday was too short!" Oh, but there will be lots of playing with new toys all week.
Hmm, I think I'm feeling a toy purge coming on. Shh! Don't tell the kids.

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