Thursday, May 28, 2009

Small Successes - 19

1) I grabbed a tick out of Catherine's hair with my bare fingers.

2) I took all the kids to the Chinese store to get rice noodles. As soon as we got in the store I gave each one a package of the noodles to carry and they proceeded to follow me around the store like 4 little ducks following Mama Duck. It worked great! No messing around and touching everything. No fighting or pulling hair. When we got to the register, the lady said, "Your kids are well behaved!" Oh, Yeah!!!

3) I saw an ad in the paper about a refrigerator recall and noticed it was on the brand that we have. There was a list of first letters of model numbers and I checked ours and it matched. So then I got online and entered all the data and sure enough, ours was in the recall. The recall was for a part that could malfunction and overheat, and possibly start a fire. Yikes! As of today, the fridge repairman has been here and replaced the part, and we are good to go! (Hmm, I guess that's why we need to register these items when we buy them. Oops.)

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