Friday, May 29, 2009

Can You Solve The Mystery?

When you walk up our front walkway and get close to the steps leading up to the porch, if you glance off to the right, you might notice something. No, not the pretty yellow flowers.

You might notice this, a big, black hole:

And if you look on the other side, you might see this, a divet where something has been digging, and moving chunks of concrete.
We've noticed that something has been digging under the walkway/steps for quite a while and Dan has been trying to figure out what it is. And encouraging it to leave. By filling in the holes, pouring water down the hole, placing big rocks over the sites. Nothing has worked so far.
Last night Dan was out late in the garden and saw something scamper across the front yard. He got closer to see what it was and then quickly retreated. We learned a little more about this critter today via the internet. It is a small, nocturnal creature and eats all kinds of gross things, like grubs, mice, rotten things, and garbage. It can carry rabies and it can cause damage to the foundation of your house(yikes and yikes!). It also has a rather unique defense system.
Ooh, update! As I was typing the above, Dan said, quick, come look. I went and looked out the front window and lo, and behold, there was the little critter sticking its head out of the hole. I watched it run back and forth, scampering around, and it seemed to be saying, Ha! You can't get rid of me!
Do you know what this creature might be? Do you? Click here if you want to see.
The war has begun!


Gretchen said...

We had the same problem with skunks under our patio--bite the bullet and hire some trappers!! We used this guy--very nice and not too expensive: Steve Crandell "critter gitter". (644-2008). He will come out and set traps and then remove the skunk. He can also help by installing wire down into the ground so they can't dig under the patio.
But beware--they come back!! We noticed digging this spring where we had holed up their entry way below the patio. Steve's work held up--but we have bricks all over the yard to keep those darn critters out!!
I feel your pain!! Gretchen

House of Brungardt said...

Thanks for the info, Gretchen. We might eventually have to go that route. The previous owners had left a trap, now we know why! Dan has been researching skunks, so I think he'll try to do it. I'll let you know if he gets sprayed!

Catholic Wife and Mother said...

"Unique defense system" indeed!!!

Keep us posted on this story!