Friday, May 1, 2009

Feeding The Goats

A couple of weeks ago, my neighbor called and asked if the kids wanted to come down and feed the goats. So, as soon as they got up from their nap, we loaded Joseph up in the wagon and went on down. An area grocery store had given her a bunch of produce that was no longer sellable (is that a word?). Catherine, Dominic, and Anne were more than happy to help out. They fed the goats lettuce, onions, cabbage, and asparagus. They loved it (goats and kids, ha ha). In fact, they spent an hour emptying out several boxes, hand feeding the goats.
Joseph was a little scared at first. He finally warmed up to the goats and here he is, checking them out. Or are they checking him out?

They all told me that we need to get a goat to feed. Hmm. Don't know about that!

Here Joseph is carefully placing a long strand of green onion on the fence. He did this over and over and as he did so, he would say, "Here go. Here go," until the goat ate it.
He had better watch out, though. That goat might think his hair looks tasty, too!

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