Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Cookies!

Although I had to cut out much of my usual Christmas baking/goodie making this year due to all the illness, we did manage to make cutout sugar cookies. Catherine and I had made the cookies the day before (I'm not quite brave enough to involve all the kids in that part!), so on this day I cleared off the island and we got busy decorating. After Mommy put on the frosting, she passed off the cookies in turn to each kid and they sprinkled on lots of decoration.
They were pretty good about sharing the different kinds of sprinkles, but luckily the container Joseph got was almost empty, because soon it was not very usable (a few too many licks). I think he had that same little star most of the time and he thought he was such a big boy putting sprinkles on his cookie.
Oh, yeah, that tastes good!
We had lots of fun decorating our cookies, though some of them were so covered with sprinkles, you couldn't see the frosting! If you look close in this picture, you can see a stream of sprinkles coming out of Dominic's jar.

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