Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas 2008 - Part II

On Christmas Eve day, while we were deciding if we should travel or not, we let the kids each open a present. They were thrilled and here they are enjoying their gifts: A couple of days after Christmas, we had our own little family Christmas at home:
Dan cooked a big ham dinner, which was great, as I was miserable with a nasty head cold.
Then the kids got to open the rest of their presents. Joseph was funny, because previously he had left the presents alone after I told him not to touch them, but now that we were actually opening them, he wanted to open them all!
The girls were so excited when they got bunkbeds for their dolls. Now Yellow Baby sleeps on the top, just like Catherine, and Pink Baby sleeps on the bottom, like Anne, but only in the daytime. At night she sleeps in Anne's bed.
Dominic is really into tractors right now, so he got a John Deere tractor with a front-loader. He wouldn't put it down for a long time!
Of course, the kids all want to play with the others' toys, as evidenced here by Catherine and Anne hovering close to Joseph and his new puzzle. That puzzle is so cute by the way, it has little pictures under each letter. He'll bring me a letter and I'll tell him, "That's an A, go find the apple." And he does.
So we had an enjoyable Christmas at our house, even though Joseph was still sick, and I was sick, and Dan soon got sick, too. But there is more to the story, so stay tuned for Christmas 2008, Part III!

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