Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas 2008 - Part III

It finally seemed like we were all getting well right before New Year's, so on New Year's Eve we travelled to Dan's mom's house. Of course, within a few hours, Dominic began spiking a fever, and was sick the whole time we were there.

Here are Catherine and Anne before Mass on New Year's Day: After Mass, we stopped at the outdoor Nativity scene, and a family offered to take our picture. It turned out really nice and would be a great family picture, except that Dominic is missing. He stayed home with Grandma.
Dan's brother told us an interesting story about the Nativity set, which is 100 plus years old. He helped set it up this year and the outlines of the statues are marked on the floor of the stable so that they are put into the same place every year. Well, everyone always called the man kneeling St. Joseph, but when Joe looked at him closely he realized he is actually one of the kings and that the man standing behind holding a candle is probably supposed to be St. Joseph. If you look closely, you can see that this is true. Isn't that interesting?
Thanks to the wonders of ibuprofen, Dominic recovered temporarily and was able to get outside for a while. Click on this picture because the look on his face is funny. He almost never takes a "normal smile" kind of picture, but always has a different funny expression. At least he is looking at the camera. Catherine refused to turn around.
The kids become part of the Brungardt family outside Nativity scene. I believe that Dan's father, or maybe his brother, made the set. Dan will have to correct me on that one.
All four can still fit on one bench. Look closely on this one, Dominic actually has a regular smile.
When we got back home, Dominic remained sick for several more days. Meanwhile, Anne got sick with the same fever/cold/yuck stuff. We finally seem to be over it. Catherine is the only one to escape the respiratory round. Hopefully we are done with sickness for a while.
May you all have a blessed New Year!

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