Thursday, October 2, 2008

Recapping the Big Move, #2

After a month of packing and packing (Packing Tip: Don't leave half-open boxes laying around if you have small children, you may find you got more "help" than you wanted.) we finally got to Moving Day #1. This was also closing day. A friend of ours watched the kids all morning (brave woman) while Dan and I went to the closing. That went smoothly and on the way back we picked up the rental truck.

Here are the kids sitting in front of the old house: Two of Dan's brothers came to help and that was my cue to load up the kids and get the heck out of there. So I took them out to our New House:
We walked up the front steps and first thing Dominic had to check the doorbell. Yes, it works, and yes, I have gotten to hear it many times since. We also tested out the front porch swing -very nice. Each kid got to pack their most precious items in their backpacks, i.e. dolls, stuffed animals, blankies...
Here is our new fireplace, which is similar to the old one, except it is a real woodburning fireplace!
The kids loved to play in the empty rooms and explore everything, while we waited for the arrival of the first load.

To be continued...

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