Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Path

Did I mention that Dan has been doing a lot of mowing? Well, one day he decided to mow a path all the way around the big field in the back (it's 3-4 acres). So now we like to take walks around the path. Here are Catherine and Anne starting out:The back of our house seen from the field:
We made it to the first corner and now the kids are walking along the western edge of the field, which is not the western edge of the property:
Oh, miracle, I got all 4 of them in the picture at once, mostly facing forward!
Some of the grasses in this field are taller than they are:
There is our house in the background. I am standing on the north side of the field, just coming out of the woodsy area:
Just turned the corner from the eastern side and coming down the homestretch. Of course, at this point I am carrying Joseph.
And Dominic closing the gate and "locking" it after our big walk:
What fun! There is always something new to discover!

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