Monday, October 6, 2008

Big 3 Year Olds

As you might know already, we finished moving on the twins' 3rd birthday. We celebrated a little that day. Note the "wash me" sign on the top of the bookshelf. I guess I missed the tops of our 7 foot bookshelves in my regular cleaning. :) We mostly celebrated the day after with a little family party! Dominic and Anne intently study their cake, which Mommy picked up at the grocery store while they were napping. It was hard to find a gender neutral cake. I did find some cool, swirly candles, which mesmerized them.
Dominic got two new train engines for the train table. He was excited about them, even though you can't tell.
Anne got a baby carrier and feeding set for Pink Baby and the little Mommy went right into action.
She loves it!
Lest you think that I bought and wrapped presents the day after we moved, I actually did that a week or so beforehand and put all the party gear in a sack and carried it with me. See, sometimes I am organized!

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