Friday, October 31, 2008

It's Pumpkin Time!

After we bought our pumpkins this year (we had to get 6, one for each of us), Dan loaded up the pumpkins and the kids in the pull-behind cart: Then it was off for a ride around the yard:
Oh, wait! We need to make it a hayrack ride! Let's bring along Mr. Scarecrow:
After dropping off 2 hay bales and the scarecrow at the display site, it was back to pick up a third hay bale, and then off for a long ride around the property:
Dominic thinks this is great fun!
Joseph loved it as well, and stayed put the whole time (if you can't tell, Mommy is now getting a ride, too!):
Here's our big girl Catherine:
And here we are for a photo finish:

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