Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Rest of September

Catherine and one of her science experiments.

For Dan's birthday, we went out to eat and then hung out by this little lake for a while.

Dominic and Mommy.

For the record, no one fell in, but they were making me nervous!

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

When you give kids Pull-n-Peel Twizzlers, this is what they might do.

The kids picked the hot peppers one day.

They got a lot!

On September 20, 2015, Dan's beloved uncle, Fr. Al Brungardt, died after a battle with cancer. On September 25, we attended his funeral in Victoria, KS.  It was a sad time, but also a joyful time of remembering Fr. Al's life.  There were many family members in attendance.
At the cemetery, just down the road from St. Fidelis Basilica.  You can see the steeples in the background.

Fr. Al was laid to rest.

Later that day, we stopped to visit Dan's niece and her husband.  They bought the original Brungardt house across the street from the Basilica. While we were there, we found out the Homecoming Parade would be coming down the street, so Becky found sacks for the kids to collect some loot.
Here comes the parade!


The kids checked out their loot.

We toured all over this neat, old house.

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