Monday, January 11, 2016

Cowtown Education Day 2015

In early October, we were able to go to the Education Day at Cowtown, a living history museum of Wichita from the years 1865-1880.  We met friends there and had a wonderful morning.

We stopped to listen to a cowboy talk about what it was like to ride the cattle trail.

Petting zoo.

Going to building school!

Getting questioned by the tall guy.

In the carpenter shop.

A pause to hear the fiddler.

Playing some old-fashioned games.

Three boys with guns, luckily only filled with water.

Catherine chose the bow and arrow.

Cowgirl Anne.

Gunnysack race!

Look, Daddy, Catherine is mowing!

Kids in jail.

Could they win the shell game?

Sweeping up the wheat.

Grinding the wheat.

Covered wagon!

Getting the dried field corn off the cobs.

Grinding and sifting the corn.

Joseph's turn.

The kids loved doing this and could have stayed there the rest of the day.

Heading down the railroad track.

Time to do some bowling.

Uncle Sam.

And we finished off our morning with lots of rides on the sack swing.

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