Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Rest of August

*Edited to add a couple of pictures I found on Dan's phone from the Marble Moon Company!

Anthony kept waiting for Dominic and Joseph to come out, until he fell asleep.

One picking of melons!

Used the electric roaster to make stuffed peppers on the deck.

Look up high in the tree!

One afternoon during the second week of school, we got to go to a friend's pool.

The diving board was a hit.

Anthony had to strike his pose.

A plate of clouds one evening.

The same night.

At grandparents' house the last weekend in August.

The twins got some birthday gifts; hooray!

We finally made it to the Moon Marble Company, in nearby Bonner Springs.  As we got out of the car, the train came!

Heading inside.

We watched a craftsman hand -blow a glass marble, which was fascinating. The store was filled with not only marble and glass items, but also a ton of old-fashioned toys.

    Outside, you could draw on the walls. 

Dominic played with a toy from my childhood.


Dan and the boys walking back up from the pond.


The traditional Sunday late afternoon popcorn-making.

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