Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Exploration Place Field Trip

At the end of our first week of school, we went on a field trip! The kids all got in free using passes they earned during the summer reading program at the library.  We hadn't been in a couple of years, so the kids were really excited to go.

Working on mind games in the main hall.

The special exhibit was all about the science of fear.  

They liked it, but I didn't think it was as good as the special exhibits usually are.

We paused lunch to watch a worker shoot off a pipe cannon.

The girls' table.

The boys' table.

Next we went over the castle.

They just love this area of the museum.

I wish I had one of these at home. :)

The fishing pond was new to them.

Disorderly Conduct was his crime.

Anne played dress-up.

Anne and friends.

Joseph and his buddy as knights-in-training.


Then we checked out the Aviation room.

I think Anthony just crashed.

Playing with air.

Dominic tried to fly the Wright brothers' plane.

Next came the Keva planks building room, another place requiring a long stop.

Catherine with one creation.

Catherine and her friend built a very tall tower.

Very intent on their work.

Pause for a smile.

Anthony hard at work.

Dominic and his friend built quite a complex.

Kids in the tornado simulator.

Looking out the window.

Playing with water.

Back to the castle again we go.  This time I climbed to the top.  It's really high!

This garden was easy to plant and harvest.

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