Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Early to Mid-August

First cantaloupe.

Dominic solved two sides!

Hanging out at the pool at the Y.

Anthony was too young and short for the big slides, so he was stuck with Mommy.

He didn't mind too much, as long as there were snacks involved.

It was a good cabbage year.

Cleaned, cut, and shredded.

Mixed with salt and caraway seed.

Into the crock and pounded, it would soon be ready for sauerkraut-making.

The audience.

Dominic was big enough to do some mowing.

The third Monday in August...

...was the first day of school.

So we took...

...a bunch of pictures.

Dominic and Anne, 5th grade. Catherine, 6th grade. Anthony, Kindergarten. Joseph, 3rd grade.

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