Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Little Later in December

It was so cold the weekend we decided to get our Christmas tree, that Dan went by himself to our church's Christmas tree lot to get it.  It had been so cold that the tree was in excellent condition. 

Here comes the tree!

Anthony was excited!

We had to let the tree thaw for a day.

The Christmas tree in all its glory.  All the kids helped decorate it, so I was too busy at the time to take pictures!

That same weekend, Dan took the kids over to his sister and brother-in-law's reception hall (The Red Rooster Reception Hall, near Augusta), as they had it all decorated for a big Christmas party, held the night before.  I was sick, so I stayed home.  
The kids in front of the neat village scene.

This part of the festivities was not in the actual reception hall, but out in the barn.

Bridget showed the kids where all the guests got popcorn and hot chocolate.

The following weekend we decided to take a picture of the kids for a Christmas photo card.  
The picture we chose.

During the month of December, Dan continued to work on the greenhouse, when weather allowed.
The sheets of metal were leftover from when the shed was built.

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