Monday, September 16, 2013

Totus Tuus

Catherine, Dominic, Anne, and Joseph were all able to go to the Totus Tuus day camp for a week in the middle of July at our church.  The three big kids loved it.  Joseph was in the youngest class and it was all new to him, with long days, so he did not enjoy it as much.  He also had a bit of trouble with another kid picking on him, which I did not find out about until the last day, so that made him reluctant as well.  However, I was able to get that resolved and he really enjoyed the last afternoon - the famous water fight time!

Anthony and I pulled up to see all of the kids engaged in a giant water fight.

Catherine was aiming at me.  She knew better than to actually shoot me with water, though!

Then the fire truck let loose with the giant hose.

Everyone got soaked.  Anne is in the middle of the picture.

There's Joseph, loving the spray.

How could you not get excited by that?

Joseph happily showed off his water gun.

He let Anthony squirt him.

Joseph will definitely remember the water fight!

Even Anne got soaking wet.

The fire truck hose made a big puddle, guess who was out in the middle of it?  Yep, Catherine and Dominic.

Look at those grins.  They had a great time!

Anne and her cousin, Olivia enjoyed popsicles after the water fun.

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