Monday, September 9, 2013

Field Trip to Great Plains Nature Center

In early July, I took the kids to the Great Plains Nature Center in Wichita for a summer class.  The four big kids got to make their own butterfly nets and learn about butterflies and insects.  Then the class all went outside and tried to catch some insects in their nets and identify them with the help of the nature center staff.  During the class, Anthony and I went on a hike on some of the nature trails. 

Here's the map, which way should we go?

We saw some ducks.

An egret.

Anthony on the boardwalk.

Wildflowers, complete with butterfly.

A shady trail by the creek.

Anthony had a great time hanging out with Mommy.


A line of ducks.

A row of turtles sunning themselves on a log.

After our hike, we went inside to check on the big kids.  They were busy finishing their nets and listening to the staff.
Joseph and Catherine.

Learning about butterflies.

The big kids were doing just fine, so Anthony and I went to check out the indoor exhibit.
It is not a large exhibit, but it is really nice.

Look out for the coyote!

I got seven different pocket guides pertaining to Kansas wildlife and vegetation.  They were free!  I left a donation, however.  They are great little guides and the kids have been putting them to good use since that day in July.
One of the pocket guides.

The kids, meanwhile, had gone outside to hunt for butterflies and other insects.  Anthony and I waited at the gazebo for them to come back.
Joseph leading the pack.

Catherine, with Dominic and Anne behind.

The twins looked for more treasures to catch.

The class was over, but the kids got to keep the nets they made.  It was a great experience!

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