Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bumper Crop of Beets

In early July, Dan and the boys harvested much of our beet crop.  This was our first year growing beets, and they did well. 
The boys were in charge of cutting off the tops of the beets and taking those tops to the chickens.

Anthony and his beet.

Joseph stopped for a smile.

Look at all of those beets!

His expression says it all!

Yep, three-year old with a sharp cutting tool.  He did well!

Beets were sorted by size.

Each size of beets was run through the boiling water bath to cook them and loosen the peels.

Anthony watched Daddy slice the peeled beets with a mandolin.

The kids loved to eat around the tops of the beets.  Man, those beets tasted good!

Our rows of pickled beets.  Yum!

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