Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Family Get-Together, The End

All of my siblings were at my parents' house on the last Sunday in June.  It was fun to see everyone and watch all of the cousins play together.  There are currently 16 of them (plus babies in heaven!).  We all went to Mass together, where Fr. Brian concelebrated.  After Mass it was time to play and eat together, and play some more.

I didn't see Anthony's funny face until after I took this picture of him with his cousin, Clara, who is exactly 2 weeks younger than he is.

Dan and Dominic, with Fr. Brian.

The swinging tree got a workout that day!

Lunch on the porch - Catherine, Emily, and Anthony.

My sister, Beth, with Andrew, Daniel, and Joseph, and Clara in front.

Dominic, Thomas, William, and Matthew.

Thomas in front, Anne and Isabella behind, and Patrick in the back.

Clara wanted her very own picture.

My mom with the inside eaters.

My brother, Fr. Brian, with the special cake made for him by my sister-in-law, Sarah.

We decided to get a picture of the grandkids.  First location did not work.

All of the grandkids, including baby Isaac in the back with Patrick, who is the oldest at 12.

Joseph was not happy about something.  Here Anne is comforting him.

Got everyones face!

And got the grandparents in!

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