Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Prairie Rose Western Days

On May 3rd, I took the kids on a Field Trip to the Prairie Rose Western Days, which was located about 10 minutes from our house.  The Prairie Rose regularly hosts Chuckwagon Suppers, with wagon rides, all-you-can-eat supper, and live music, but the Western Days have a lot of other cowboy entertainment and education.  Notice I said it was MAY 3RD, and the kids were wearing their winter coats!!!

The first thing we did was ride on ponies!

Anthony loved it!  He had the cutest little pony to ride.

Of course the girls loved it, too.  They are very horse-crazy.  Here is Anne.




Waiting for the wagon ride.

Here come the wagons!

All aboard!

We rode right behind the horses.
We ate our picnic lunch inside! 

This man showed the kids how he takes care of the horse's hooves.

Rifle shooting.  Catherine got to shoot it, but I had to help her.

Axe throwing!  Little Anne threw the axe at a target, as did Dominic and Catherine.  And me!  Supposedly, I had to throw it first to show the kids.  I even hit the target.

Exploring inside the tepee.

This man told the kids all about chuckwagon cooking.

Catherine, Dominic, Joseph, and Anne with Anthony behind.

By mid-afternoon, it had warmed up to about 50 degrees, so the kids got hot!

We spent part of our time inside, where there were different presentations.  One was about raptors, by the Great Plains Nature Center.  Another was about the Home on the Range, the cabin in Kansas where our state song was written.  We also got to see some bee hives and hear all about honey.  We had a great day!

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