Tuesday, June 4, 2013

More Random April Events and Pics

One day, Anthony put on a pair of Daddy's socks and pushed up his pajama pants:

It was a funny sight:

 The three year old provides much entertainment at our house!

Anthony at rest:

In the middle of April, a dog showed up at our house.  She had no collar or anything that could identify her, and we have since assumed that someone dropped her off to get rid of her.  She seemed like a nice dog, well cared for and friendly.  She also seemed used to kids.  We had been talking about getting a dog sometime, and this one just never left, so I guess she is ours now! 
She is protective of the kids.

The dog looks like a Doberman, but is too small to be one of those.  She is too big to be a miniature Pinscher.  We think she may be a German Pinscher. 
The kids have named her Biscuit.

Towards the end of April, I took the kids to the mall.  I needed to get my rings cleaned, and the kids think it is great fun to go there. We brought our lunch and ate at the food court.  I used an Orange Julius coupon for two yummy drinks for us to share!   Most places we go, either people are used to seeing us or the other families have more kids than we do, but at the mall, it felt like everyone was staring at us and we got lots of comments.  Good thing they behaved for the most part!
Catherine and Anne.

Joseph and Dominic.


I have been wanting to teach the girls some sewing skills, so one day I gave them each a little sewing kit, found some scrap material and showed them how to sew on buttons.  They loved it!
They are proud of their work!

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