Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Big Snow, #2

In the next few days after our first big February snow, the kids got out at least once every day to play in the snow.  There was so much snow that they could not get to all of the untrampled areas.  It was fun to take some snow pictures on a sunshiny day!

Joseph was on his way back from the sledding hill.

A picture to show just how high the snow still was. 

The big pile from when Dan shovelled off the deck had to be conquered!

They made it out to the playhouse... go down the slide into the snow...

...and also to collect some icicles for a snack.

Dan hooked up the sled to the lawnmower.

The kids loved that!  Whee!!!

Catherine worked on a snowman while she waited for a ride.

The snow forts were used in a big snowball fight.

Anthony and his little buddy, Cloudy the cat.

And finally, a short video of Dan pulling some of the kids behind the lawnmower:

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