Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Big Snow, #1

At the end of February we had two big snows in less than a week, the first one was about 14 inches or so, and the second one was about 7-8 inches.  We have never had this much snow before!  What a winter wonderland!  Both times we were snowed in for a day or two until the snow plows made it to our area.  So we got lots and lots of playtime in the snow.  This first batch of pictures were taken at the end of the first giant snowstorm.

Dominic uncovered a buried toy lawnmower.

Joseph investigated one of the many snow drifts.


The pile of snow from Dan shoveling the driveway.

Anne and her snowmen.

Dan got out on the tractor to try to pack some of the snow down on the road.  He does not have a snow plow attachment, but it helped to just drive over it.

The twins helped pack down some snow in Daddy's truck, to weigh it down for safe travelling.

Anthony was glad of some tractor tracks to walk through.  He really had a hard time walking in the snow otherwise.

Dominic made a deep snow angel.

Anthony insisted upon going sledding, and every couple of feet he would fall down trying to get out to the hill.  I ended up dragging him out there on the sled, pushing him down the hill once, then dragging him back.

Snow mittens!

And afterwards we drank hot chocolate and ate freshly baked cookies, while we made snow ice cream.

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