Friday, April 26, 2013

Little Chicks!

Would you believe we were crazy enough to get our baby chicks in between our two big snowstorms?  And that we put them right into their brooder box out in the chicken coop even through the second snowstorm?  We got a little anxious during the snowstorm when the lights flickered a few times, but luckily we never lost the electricity, or we would have had a bunch of frozen chicks.  They all survived!

We looked into all of the different chick bins.

They were so cute running around.

The chicks were only 4 days old.

We bought 16 chicks and brought them home and put them into the brooder box.  12 of them are Rhode Island Reds and 4 of them are Iowa Blues.

The kids could have watched them for hours.

The chicks got acquainted with their new surroundings.

They sure were funny little things.

What a fun learning experience for the kids!

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